Planning your trip these days is done mostly online. This is why we felt the need to create for you this website and give you the opportunity to take advantage of our services but also enjoy your staying the next time you visit us! We tried and we believe we succeeded in taking you a small trip in time and giving you a small taste of the experience of your future visiting. .In this site, you’ll find all the information you may need about shopping, sightseeing and “hidden secrets” in Ancient Olympia! Feel free to surf into our pages and meet our place before you visit it. We are sure that you’ll be impressed!

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The professionals on this website are the best and they are completely synchronized with the current situation and visitor’s needs!  From new shops to old three-generation family businesses they all very experienced and offer unique Greek-made souvenirs giving you the best memories from your shopping experience in Ancient Olympia! Folk art, jewelry, souvenirs, clothes, shoes, products and artworks of Greek artisans and artists, handmade creations, and local delicacies all within a very well organized urban environment and the insurmountable and unique nature that surrounds the city, are just some of these which will forever keep your memories alive. Enjoy your shopping!


In Ancient Olympia there are many shopping alternatives and the town offers a comfortable, pleasant and safe tour around all market for the visitors. The main shopping street is a walkway with easy access to the shops. Is very pleasant to walk there and the large sidewalks are ideal for families with young children, elderly people and people with mobility difficulties. Near the market there are three parking areas, with 500 parking spaces where you can leave your car!


Ancient Olympia is a modern city of international scope because of Olympia and the top event of all time, the Olympic Flame and the Torch Relay! In recent years, a network of events of international prestige and interest has developed. The International Festival of the Arts and the international events of the Ministry of Culture have given Ancient Olympia a cultural sign of unique value and have made it a unique destination as well. The professionals of Ancient Olympia, traders, restaurateurs and hoteliers, always offer the best possible value for money to all visitors and especially to all those who will be hosted in the city to attend one of the great events.