Visit the museums and archaeological site of Ancient Olympia for free and keep your money for more shopping!

Are you planning to visit Ancient Olympia? then be ready for the great museums you should also visit … But check your timetable as you could choose a period that will include one of the following free admission days:

  • March 6th – In memory of Melina Mercouri
  • April 18th – International Day For Monuments and Sites
  • May 18th – International Museum Day
  • The last weekend of September annually – European Heritage Days
  • October 28th – Ohi Day (Anniversary of the NO)
  • The first Sunday of each month from November 1st to March 31st


  • Full Moon in August – Usually museums and archaelogical site are open in the evening for free with extended opening hours for the midsummer August full moon. Walking among the historical monuments under the brightest, most beautiful moon of the year is a magical breathtaking experience – do not miss it!

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