The creators of this business Dora Efstathopoulou and her husband Christos Zafeiropoulos.We created our store with a lot of love, passion and care, so that it lights up and beautifies our city. Our primary goal is to cover the needs, in books, stationery, toys, gifts, seasonal items, decorations as well as clothing and beauty items, of both the residents of our city and the wider region and of course the tourists who visit us every year.
The store consists of four departments.
The first section and our central axis is the bookstore. Our books include a wide range from literature and poetry to school and children’s books.
The second section is our play world, intended for our little friends. There the children will find puzzles, table games, dolls, remote control, plush constructions and everything else that every little friend of ours can imagine.
The third section, with the very beautiful home decorations, for every taste and every style, wins the interest of our visitors.
The fourth section is addressed to the woman and in particular to her beauty. Here the woman can find her favorite items, such as bags, purses, jewelry as well as scarves, gloves, hats and an elegant collection of clothes.

With a big smile we welcome our customers and we serve them with warmth all these years. And our pleasure is to hear…

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